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Data centers are the premise of our generation's technological revolution, creating game-changing opportunities for users and developers alike. It's no surprise that companies are racing to develop their data processing and storage systems for both internal and external use throughout the industry. This month, we're paying tribute to the incredible advancements in hardware that allow information to be readily available in seconds. Let's get right into it.

Allied Components International's new 10G Base-T RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics are designed and manufactured to comply with IEEE802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards. Available in standard and industrial temperature ranges, they are widely used in PC card / Notebook applications, wireless cards, network exchangers, networking set-up boxes, routers, VOIP, terminal communication units, PC main boards and similar telecommunication products. Read More >

Princeton's Piton: Microchip for Data Centers & the Cloud

Designed for enormous computing systems, the Piton chip is only 6x6 mm but has the capability to connect thousands of cores with its readily scalable architecture. On top of its 460 million transistors, the microchip has numerous advancements in memory, increasing performance by 18 percent and efficiency by a whopping 29 percent.

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Progress for Smart Power Transistors

With MultiSense diagnostics, increased scalability and flexibility, Rutronix's range of VIPower M0-7 has undergone extensive improvements to allow more powerful output transistors and compact housings that are vital to automotive electronics.

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Intel Acquires Nervana for AI

To keep up with the competition, Intel recently amped up its approach to deep learning by acquiring Nervana, a startup dedicated to processing data through diverse environments. Let's see if their investment in R&D for deep learning hardware, silicon architecture, and design pay off.

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IBM Power 9 Processors

IBM is ready to break out of its niche as a dominant player with new cores and peripheral accelerators in its Power 9 chip. With twice the speed of its previous processor, IBM's comeback to the data center market could be a huge threat to leading companies like Intel, ARM, and AND.

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