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September 2018

Innovation can result in new tech, new ways of applying tech, and smaller components, or even differently shaped components. This month we look at internal improvement found in the new iPhone XS. We learn about how lasers and drones are helping to save people from volcanic eruptions. Finally we look at how a couple of players in the semiconductor world are being affected by changes in the industry.

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Allied Components International has been supporting your magnetic component needs for nearly 26 years. We have provided magnetics for many applications including LAN/Telecom.
Our LAN/Telecom magnetics cross to many products offered by Pulse Engineering, Halo, Bel Fuse, Wurth and others. We can provide competitively priced, high quality products for use in: Internet/Broadband, Power, Telecom and Datacom applications.

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The iPhone XS - How a new battery shape leads to more capacity


Another year, another iPhone. Last year saw the release of the iPhone X. This year we see the newest edition, the iPhone XS. What exactly makes the two different? Apparently not much! When you look under the hood however, you will see an L-shaped battery instead of two conjoined batteries. Why is this L-shaped battery better? The answer is quite simple.

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Predicting volcanic eruptions using drones and lasers

The instruments scientists use to spot signs of volcanic eruptions are constantly improving. Scientists are able to "see" what is happening inside a volcano using lasers mounted on planes. On top of that, mass spectrometers that can be mounted on drones are being developed to aid in predicting eruptions.

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Moore's Law and its impact on the semiconductor industry


In simple terms, Moore's Law says that when it comes to computers, processor speeds, or overall processing power will increase by double every two years. With this constant improvement, engineers have the challenge of keeping up to meet the expectations of the investment community.

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