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October 2018

Allied Components International has just released the AGSC-2424PPI. This industrial temp PoE ++ device is now available and in production. Samples are now in stock and available.
This devise is designed to meet IEEE802.3bt, up to 90W per pair. The PoE ++ application with 1150mA Currnet and max current of 2.3A when combining two pairs.
Call us for your free samples and we will get them out to you today.

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Innovation is an exciting part of the tech world. New ideas roll out on a regular basis and provide us with a glimpse as to what our future is going to look like. This month we take a look at a Sam's Club that is using mobile tech to make shopping easier. We learn about a factory in China that is going to employ a combined work force of humans and robots. Finally, we learn about a development in semiconductor manufacturing that could change the way semiconductors are made forever.

A New Kind of Mobile Shopping


Imagine going to your local store and making all your purchases on your phone. At this store you will be able to scan items with your phone and checkout by having a worker scan your mobile device. Not only that, but you will also have a smart shopping list that automatically creates your shopping list for you. For a Sam's Club in Dallas, Texas, this is becoming a reality.

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Robots Building Robots

The instruments scientists use to spot signs of volcanic eruptions are constantly improving. Scientists are able to "see" what is happening inside a volcano using lasers mounted on planes. On top of that, mass spectrometers that can be mounted on drones are being developed to aid in predicting eruptions.

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Exotic Alternatives to Silicon


In simple terms, Moore's Law says that when it comes to computers, processor speeds, or overall processing power will increase by double every two years. With this constant improvement, engineers have the challenge of keeping up to meet the expectations of the investment community.

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