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This month we're back again to feed your monthly tech news and updates. We have a hardware roundup, taking you through different companies' technologies along with an artificial intelligence update. We also have a potential Apple takedown plan and tips on what things to consider when purchasing a capacitor.

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Allied Components introduces the FWECY1390 series Shielded Flat Wire Power Inductors. Ultra-low DCR with high saturation current up to 12A and a frequency range up to 1MHz. Great for high current applications. 5 different values to choose from and in stock at Allied Components International.

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In Brief: New Enterprise Hardware Roundup

This article takes you through the different companies' hardware and gives you a side-by-side comparison on Intel, Lenovo, Google, and more.

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Google Pixel 2: 8/10ths of an Apple-Killer Strategy

What would it take to make a technology giant to fall? Has it ever been done before? Click the link the find out.

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The Artificial Intelligence Gap is Getting Narrower

New developments and innovations are being on the daily, but one of the most exciting is with artificial intelligence. How far along are we really and how narrow is the AI gap now?

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How to Buy Capacitors: Important Things You Should Consider

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores an electric charge. Before buying one, you should learn of the important capacitor factors.

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Featured Product
Allied Components is introducing our new Flat Wire Line

These flat wire filters measure electrical current (AC & DC) and can transform current from high to low in measurable values. They can be used for high frequency current sensing. For example, in switched-mode power supplies, motor control and electronic lighting ballasts. Allied Components has been in business 24 years and supplies parts to a broad and deep range of customers worldwide. Our products cover a wide range of part types which makes us attractive to many design engineers and can provide one stop shopping for your magnetic components.

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