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November 2018

Staying up to date on innovations is important, as is the occasional refresher on some of the basics. This month we provide you with a brief look at PoE technology. You will learn about an innovation in mobile tech that is going to make it more accessible globally. Finally, we cover an important expansion for Amazon.

An intro to Power Over Ethernet (PoE)


Like many other industries, the tech industry is full of acronyms. Power Over Ethernet (or PoE) is utilized in several technologies to send data and power over a single cable. These technologies include network routers and VoIP phones. Here we give you a quick explanation of Power Over Ethernet technology and its benefits.

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Featured Part


5G to cover about 1.5 billion people

Researchers say that by 2024, 5G will reach 40 percent of the world's population. Not only that, but mobile data consumption is set to increase by nearly four times what it is in 2018. Mobile technology is always growing and becoming more efficient as time goes on. Find out when you can expect the first 5G smartphones to come out and where.

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Amazon to enter the space industry


The final frontier is being explored in more ways than one. In an effort to attract the space industry to the cloud, Amazon said it was starting an antenna service for handling data from satellites. This plan is set to make data transfers from space easier and cheaper.

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