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It's time for another dose of tech news and updates. This month's issue is all about AR (Augmented Reality), robotic dogs, a battle between two chip champions, and taking Star Wars branding where it's never been before. Read on for your monthly collection of exciting and interesting articles.

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Allied Components International continues to grow with new component designs. They are widely used in PC card/Notebook applications, wireless cards, network exchanger, networking set-top boxes, routers, VOIP, terminal communications units, ethernet applications and test equipment.

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Over recent years, we have been putting a greater emphasis into expanding our standard lines of transformers. These include our EFD, EE Vertical, EE Horizontal, EP, and EF style transformers. Applications range from Audio, Power, High Frequency, Switch Mode, RF and many others. Our capabilities cover a broad range of technologies suitable for almost any application..

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Google says augmented reality will be on 'hundreds of millions' of Android devices next year

Augmented reality is on track to become a key Android feature over the next several years. See how Google plans to empower developers.

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Boston Dynamics’ latest robot dog is slightly less terrifying

If it looks like a dog, and walks like a dog.. It may just be the latest breakthrough from Boston Dynamic's team of robotics engineers.

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Qualcomm rejects $105B takeover bid from Broadcom

Narrowly avoiding what would have been the largest tech acquisition in history, Qualcomm firmly believes it’s value is even higher.

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NVIDIA Launches Star Wars Themed Titan Xp Collector’s Edition Graphics Cards

We’ve all seen Star Wars branding on kid’s toys, but what happens when those kids grow to be adults? NVIDIA is launching Star Wars themed graphics cards so the Force, or Dark Side, can be with adults and their toys.

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