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Thus far, 2016 has been a huge year for both mobile and desktop processing units. Just when you think that technological innovation may be appearing to slow down, a whole slew of tech comes into play and turns the industry on its head. It seems as if computer hardware upgrades are never slowing down, which is our big focus for this month's edition. From mind-bending innovations to brand new releases, our focus is on the future of computing and the exciting things that we have to look forward to in the industry. Let's get started.

AMD's XConnect Tech Released for Thunderbolt 3 Support

Recently, AMD issued a driver update that brought support for a new technology called XConnect. XConnect is what will finally allow running external AMD video cards via Thunderbolt 3, a long-awaited development from Intel. The system hardware requirements are laid out in this article, and they're quite extensive!

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What's Next for Computer Hardware?

Processing chips have continued to improve according to Moore's Law. Just think of it think way: if cars upgraded at the same speed as processors, then they would already be capable of moving at the speed of light. Now wouldn't that make the commute to work much easier? So what is next for computer hardware?

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Computer Chips: Replacing Wires with Light

Researchers have recently found a way to grow practical lasers on silicon substrate, that can operate for up to 100,000 hours at temperatures almost 250 F and allow for ultrafast communication in computer chips and electronics. Not only does this scientific breakthrough have potential for applications in communication, but healthcare and energy generation as well!

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MediaTek Accelerates Smartphone Multimedia Revolution

MediaTek has announced the Imagiq image signal processor (ISP), a complete, self-developed application solution for its MediaTek Helio high-end smartphone chipset solution to meet increasing demands for multimedia features. Excellent image and video quality, as well as convenience and ease-of-use, are two key concerns from consumers in mobile photography which Imagiq can effectively address.

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Featured Product: SMD Shielded Power Chip Inductor.

Allied Components' PCSV60 SMD power inductors are characterized by a small, low profile and magnetically shielded structure. Features include RoHS, Halogen Free and REACH Compliance. Various package sizes and a wide inductance ranges are available. They are high strength type inductors for bending/vibration applications that include automotive, AP routers, LCD TVs, monitors and panels, game consoles and DC/DC converters. The hard resin prevents core cracking and the series offers good saturated current ratings.

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