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May 2018

How comfortable are you with technology? On the way through the year there have been interesting advancements in technology that bring this question to mind more often. This month's issue covers the leaps and bounds within the facial technology industry, the introduction of tech being incorporated much more closely to people than before, and the futuristic benefits of developing into biotechnology.
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Featured Products

Axial leaded chokes are still being used worldwide and Allied Components has a new series of Axial Varnished Chokes in our AVC40I series. A ferrite core is used with a varnished coating and is available on tape and reel for auto placement. The high Q, high self-resonant frequency with a tolerance of 5% over the entire range of values, is a rugged choke ideal for those demanding applications. Stocked here in California and the ability to ship all over the world, short lead times and competitive pricing makes Allied Components your supplier of choice for axial leaded inductors and chokes.

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Amazing microchips that emulate human organs put to use by AstraZeneca

AZ has an agreed partnership with Emulate with the aim of developing a technology that is designed to predict the human response with greater precision and detail than cell culture. An organ-chip is a living, micro-engineered environment that recreates the natural physiology and mechanical forces that cells experience within the human body.

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Thousands of people in Sweden are embedding microchips under their skin to replace ID cards

Many in Sweden are having microchips implanted into their bodies as a form of key cards, IDs, and possibly payment method. Although, none have used it as a form of payment yet, there is large anticipation that this technology will adapt in many ways to make our daily lives easier.

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The Overarching Impact Of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology was a future concept, but now serves us prominently in our daily lives, playing a role in security and authentication. As this technology advances, its utility transfers to many different facets becoming a great help to law enforcement tracking missing children. Growing this technology leads facial recognition to be able to analyze the skin, which identifies individuals based on skin texture, pores, facial lines and other features.

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