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March 2019

Allied Components just released the new FWPQ3221 145uH Flat Wire Transformer. With Low DCR and High Saturation Current that uses Class F wire and industrial operating temp this item is perfect for those high current power applications. Design engineers can get their samples for test and approval to the Renco RL-10641. In full production and in stock at competitive pricing. See your sales contact at Allied Components for more information.

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Another month and technology continues to improve! This month we look at a development in AI and prosthetics that has fantastic possibilities for the future. We see how Samsung is improving smartphones with better RAM chips. Finally, we take you through a quick rundown of supercapacitors.

A Robotic Limb that Learns to Walk on its Own

Researchers at USC believe they have developed the first robotic leg that utilizes AI to learn how to walk. The algorithm used in this tech can learn a walking task after 5 minutes of unstructured play. This algorithm can also adapt to other tasks by itself as well. The possibilities with this tech are outstanding.

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Smartphones With More Memory Than an Average Laptop


With higher demand for high-capacity DRAM chips, Samsung has delivered highest-capacity DRAM chip yet! Also, with the smaller size of this chip, premium phones will have more room for larger batteries. You can expect to see these chips in the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G.

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Supercapacitors 101

Supercapacitors (aka supercaps or SCs) store an electric charge and are used in cars, buses and trains. SCs can store more energy than electrolytic capacitors and are faster than batteries at generating a charge. When it comes to equipment manufacturing, supercaps may start replacing rechargeable batteries.

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