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MARCH 2018

Welcome to our 3rd newsletter of the year, to keep you updated on the latest news coming from the tech world. In this month newsletter, we will talk about Xiomi’s ambitions of making its own artificial intelligence smartphone chips, Google’s initiative to move towards artificial intelligence chip design, and also about this revolutionary chip noticed at the last CES Las Vegas that allows smartphone fingerprint reading to happen in less than a second. Finally, we will deliver all the basics about semiconductors.

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Allied Components International has just released two EFD20 style transformers. If your application requires surface mount or through hole designs, we have them both! The AEFD20-4513 is our 8 pin, 10.6uH through hole design. Better quality, performance and lead time as an alternate to Pulse PA1426NL and in stock.
The AEFD20-4520 is our 12 pin, 9uH surface mount design. Better quality, performance and lead time as an alternate to the Wurth 750315422.

Xiaomi ‘Doing A Lot Of Research’ On A.I. Chips For Smartphones

In the Smartphone industry, the Chinese electronics and software company is researching chips that enable Artificial Intelligence on mobile devices. "The main purpose of doing our own chips is to learn the technology deeper" Wang said. Many smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung have been designing their own chips. Designing key components in-house can help Xiomi create a better experience with its devices.

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Google Makes Its Special A.I. Chips Available To Others

Google is in the vanguard of a movement to design chips specifically for artificial intelligence, a worldwide push that includes dozens of start-ups as well as familiar names like Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia. What's more, the internet giant said it would allow other companies to buy access to those chips through its cloud-computing service.


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Hands On With the Vivo Phone's In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

At CES Las Vegas 2018, a chinese vendor showed off a new smartphone with a cutting edge new type of fingerprint reader. The Vivo smartphone is using an optical sensor from California-based Synaptics.Even though the sensor is hidden from view, it's still able to read your fingerprint in less than a second—0.7 seconds to be exact!

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What Is A Semiconductor? Know The Basics

Semiconductors are the basis of modern electronics. It is a material that can be considered either or both a conductor and an insulator. Transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) all contain semiconductors.

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