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March Edition

Hardware for hardware that's what this month's edition revolves around. Similar to people, computers require multiple different components to operate efficiently. That's why engineers are continually researching and designing new products to add onto computers. We're making progress one chip at a time. Let's get started.

Featured Product

Allied Component's high frequency, wire wound Ceramic Core Chip Inductors, available in 1008, is suitable for pick and place automation. The high Q values at high frequencies make it perfect for LC resonant circuits such as oscillator and signal generators, impedance matching, circuit isolation, RF filters, disk drives, computer peripherals, audio and video equipment, TV, modems, radio and telecommunication equipment applications. Priced competitively in markets with high volume applications and shipped worldwide, Allied Components is your supplier of choice Learn More >

Sensor Node Protects Hardware Data

In an era where online privacy is the forefront of our concerns, researchers have released a new shield to monitor and control access to sensitive data and communications. Based on an Aduino form factor mbed shield model, a new IOT node harnesses the ability to secure small data transactions between devices and the cloud.

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Nvidia's Graphical Chip Performs 35% Faster

According to the company, Nvidia's new GPU performs 35% than the GTX 1080. Equipped with a radial fan and vapor chamber, the card outperforms its competitor, AMD. Users, however, are still skeptical about the company's claim. Your thoughts?

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Optical Computing Chip Pushes Limits of Photonic Design

Developed by the US Defense Advanced Research Project, HPE's silicon integrated circuit chip boasts 1,052 optical components. The design was inspired by Ising machines that imitate the "spins" of atoms to accelerate GPU speed.

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IBM Makes Quantum Leap

IBM recently launched IBM Q, an initiative to design and produce quantum computers for business and science. While classical computers and AI can mine data, quantum computers can find solutions to problems without data. Google predicts quantum technology will finally be accessible by 2023.

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