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June 2019

Allied Components International has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of custom magnetics. Our capabilities cover a broad range of technologies suitable for almost every application. With cost efficiency and design optimization in mind, our engineering teams are able to design products based on specific design requirements. We have the capability and expertise to provide complete solutions for custom transformers. Allied has the resources to guide our customers from initial design to mass production.

Power transformers, pulse transformers, current transformers, isolation transformers, switching power supply transformers.

Please contact Allied Components International for specs, pricing and samples

Spring may have ended, but the news hasn’t slowed down. This month we look at a study that could improve how the industry designs electrodes for fast-charging batteries. We see Google shift their focus and resources from their Pixel Slate to their laptop line. Finally, we introduce you to TDK’s new inductor, the TFM201208ALD. Take a moment and catch up on some developments in the tech world.

The Most Complete Study of Battery Failure Sees the Light

The widest study on battery failure published by an international team of researchers focuses on the different parts of the battery at the same time. Curious to know why consumer electronics seem to lose power at uneven rates, even after a short period of using them? These scientists wanted to understand and quantitatively define what leads to the failure of lithium-ion batteries.

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Google Won't be Making Another Pixel Slate


Google confirms there will be no sequel to the Pixel Slate, but instead the company will be focusing its resources on its Pixel book laptop line. Despite having two smaller tablets under development, Google will no longer pursue making its own tablets.

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TDK Launches a Thin-Film Inductor That Helps Mobile Design

TDK announced their new inductor, the TFM201208ALD, can handle 4 percent higher currents and 12 percent lower resistance. This thin-film inductor is unique because it takes up less space than typical inductors, making it ideal for lightweight mobile devices. It can also be used in more robust applications including aerospace and aviation equipment.

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