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June 2018

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Allied Component's New PCMF7060S, PCMF9070S, PCMF1211S Series SMD High Current Common Mode Filters are designed for common mode filtering in large current applications. For each series there is an excellent common mode impedance and noise suppression in a compact case. The choke coils structure enables noise without degrading the signal. The PCMF series is specifically designed to eliminate common mode noise in USB 2.0, IEEE10394 and LVDS applications.

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Technology is everywhere, and, in several instances, it's being used in ways we may not even be aware of. In this month's issue, you'll learn about microchips helping improve processing for VR technology, how AI is already a part of your life, and Alexa Hospitality, which is set to change the hotel staying experience.

How microchips are now changing the world of VR

Imagine a world where one-fifth of a millisecond is considered too long. That's the case in the world of virtual reality, specifically when it comes to loading VR objects onto chips. Not just VR developers, but others are moving major processing loads onto chips, including FPGAs and custom-built chips to handle the increasing demand for processing power.

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AI is already everywhere..and you may not realize it

Does the thought of the growing presence of AI keep you up at night? Well have no fear, your toaster is not going to become least not yet. AI however is already playing a part in several different aspects of human life; from self-driving cars to shopping for a house online. Take a look at how AI is used for photo recognition.

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Alexa is going to make your hotel stay more convenient

Soon you will be able to turn on the lights, call room service, checkout, and more using voice command. On June 19th, Amazon officially announced Alexa Hospitality, a version of their popular voice command companion. This is being made specifically for hotels and is going to be implemented in 10 US locations of Marriott International.

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