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This month, we're zeroing on the latest development in the chip industry. AMD, Qualcomm, and more are unveiling their latest offerings in an attempt to polarize the industry. The question becomes: where is the industry headed in the near future? Dive on below and stay current with the latest updates, news, and more .

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Allied Component's New PCMF7060S, PCMF9070S, PCMF1211S Series SMD High Current Common Mode Filters are designed for common mode filtering in large current applications. For each series there is an excellent common mode impedance and noise suppression in a compact case. The choke coils structure enables noise without degrading the signal. The PCMF series is specifically designed to eliminate common mode noise in USB 2.0, IEEE10394 and LVDS applications.

PCMF7060S Series PCMF9070S Series PCMF1211S Series

Chip Wars Rage at Computex, as AMD Debuts Threadripper

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) provided more information about its new high-end desktop processor, called the "Threadripper" which carries a total of 16 cores and comes with up to 32 threads. The Threadripper starts to ship this summer.

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New Qualcomm Chips Boost Lower-Cost Mobile Device Performance

Qualcomm is soon releasing the Snapdragon 630 and 660 mobile chip platforms which provide better photo and video quality, faster LTE connections, charge faster, and other improvements. These chips are supposed to provide higher quality features while being more affordable than before.

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Microsoft to Use ARM Not Intel in Data Center Systems

Instead of going back to Intel, Microsoft decided to collaborate with Qualcomm, bringing ARM processors to data center servers everywhere. This could potentially be bad news for Intel as it previously dominated the space for years. Because of Qualcomm's developments, it could give them a push in the industry.

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The Next Chip Revolution: What's in Store?

The most recent development chip revolution is that actuators will replace sensors. This change is being led by the merging of semiconductors and nano engines. The future of technology is based on increasing the amount of work with less and this is one way to do it.

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