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As humans have become increasingly dependent on technology, researchers have made great strides in robotics and AI, developing ways for their inventions to emulate procedures normally performed by people. With cutting edge innovations already at our fingertips, any more progress in technology may seem unimaginable, but the industry continues to surprise us with revolutionary inventions and advancements to enhance our day to day lives. Convenience and efficiency are key focuses for this month's issue since they offer the most value to products and people. Let's dive into how these advancements benefit you.

Google's Develops AI Chips

Google has begun developing and manufacturing its own deep learning chips. The newly designed chips enable AI technology to instantly analyze and perform tasks through neural nets. These TPUs optimize performance and precision, but Google's new products signal bad news for traditional chipmakers like Intel.

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Micron Technology Begins Mass Production of GDDR5X

Increased data rates, improved energy efficiency, and condensed memory configuration have vastly improved the performance of the GDDR5 in the form of the GDDR5X. Micron Technology is finally mass producing the GDDR5X for game graphics cards which will offer a multitude of benefits while retaining the original feature set of its predecessor.

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Where is Medical Technology Headed?

Every year, thousands of children accidentally swallow small metal devices, putting them at risk of burning their stomach tissue. In order to remedy this problem, doctors have invented foldable robot technology to operate through the body. Find out how robots are independently operating in this article!

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Mobile Chargers for Mobile Phones

As the influence and widespread use of mobile technology increases, it only makes sense that scientists have discovered a way to charge mobile devices wirelessly. An invention called Power Shake offers users an extremely small and portable way to charge phones and other mobile devices that could transform power-sharing for everyone.

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Featured Product
Allied Components is introducing our new Flat Wire Line

These flat wire filters measure electrical current (AC & DC) and can transform current from high to low in measurable values. They can be used for high frequency current sensing. For example, in switched-mode power supplies, motor control and electronic lighting ballasts.
Allied Components has been in business 24 years and supplies parts to a broad and deep range of customers worldwide. Our products cover a wide range of part types which makes us attractive to many design engineers and can provide one stop shopping for your magnetic components.

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