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Electronic Nose

With rotational spectroscopy, scientists have developed the e-nose. Able to detect chemical molecules in the air with electromagnetic radiation and compound semiconductors, the new technology allows doctors to essentially take a blood test without drawing blood, with more accuracy than ever before.

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China Designs Processors for Fastest Computer in the World

Not only has China designed the fastest computer in the world for the seventh consecutive year, the country has finally engineered its own processors. Capable of 93 quadrillion calculations per second, it allowed China to surpass the US for the first time as the country with the most supercomputers systems.

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Google Competes with Amazon's "Echo"

The Echo, a personal digital assistant speaker, is one of Amazon's most successful products since 2014. Google will be launching a similar product that integrates hardware with search to offer an in-home IoT. This could be especially profitable for clients or businesses that are highly rated by Google users.

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Newly Released Gaming Hardware Cards

Intel recently released the Broadwell-EP based E5-2600 v4 processors, an HEDT system with up to 22 cores. Learn more about the memory, storage, graphics, price, performance and overall value of the newly introduced system and how it stacks up against its competitors.

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5G Chip Solutions

Considering the US Fcc recently voted on how to open spectrum for the next generation of high speed 5G wireless apps, it's a great time for MediaTek to be producing a 5G chip solution. The company announced that it is collaborating with Japan and Europe based mobile operators to release new 5G product lines.

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Featured Product

Allied Components International's PCSFW189 Shielded Power Choke Flat Wire Inductors can be used in high current boost applications and finds usage also in DC/DC converter applications as well as high current filter circuits. They have magnetically shielded construction, high saturation current of up to 30 amps and they have an expanded operating temperature range. These inductors offer very low DCR values due to the flat wire technology and come in a broad range of available inductance values starting at 1.9uH. They go up to 22uh and have an operating temperature of -40º? to +125º? and are suitable for pick and place equipment.

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