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JULY 2020

Allied Components International releases new short form brochure. With an emphasis on custom transformers, chokes, coils and inductors we can supply the custom magnetics you need. For 26 years Allied Components has become one of the premier custom magnetics suppliers for OEM’s worldwide.

If you can’t find what you need among our many standard products then perhaps what you need is a custom design to fit your application. Call us today for a quote on your custom magnetic designs.


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Even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the Allied Components team hopes that you are staying healthy and is wishing you the best. This month, we will look into how cellular networks are being utilized to predict high-risk areas of COVID-19, a new device to fight and monitor forest fires, and the differences between capacitors and inductors.

Using Cellular Networks to Detect At-Risk Areas for Spread of COVID-19

As the number of cases is starting to increase again, researchers are looking for a way to detect where COVID-19 may be spreading the most. Researchers developed a way to detect the most crowded areas with the most foot traffic where the disease can be easily spread as individuals gather in close proximity.

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Self-Powered Alarm Fights Forest Fires, Monitors Environment


The recent increase in forest fires across the American West, Australia, and Brazil over the past years has encouraged researchers to develop a self-powered alarm system that could continuously monitor the fire and environmental conditions without requiring maintenance after deployment. The device generates electrical power by harvesting energy from the sporadic movement of the tree branch that it hangs from.

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Understanding the Differences Between Capacitors and Inductors

Capacitors and inductors are two of the most widely used electronic components. Both are designed to store energy and function as temporary energy sources, but the major difference between them is that a capacitor stores energy in an electric field while an inductor stores energy in a magnetic field.

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