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July 2018

Can you handle the technology of tomorrow, today? Throughout the year we have seen some incredible changes in technology and new companies have emerged looking to compete in the current markets. This month's issue covers the latest and greatest tech gadgets from smart watches to virtual reality, as well as predictions for future market trends.
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New Products

Allied Components International has a new line up of RJ45, surface mount connectors with integrated magnetics. Here are just a couple of the high quality, low cost connectors that are now available. Please check out our website for a listing of all RJ45 surface mount connectors.

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The Amazing Pixel Watch, Google's Rumored Smartwatch

This year is an exciting one for smartwatch technology; Google might finally be releasing its long-desired smartwatch. It will feature pixel technology and will be branded as such. Google's pixel watch is going to be very advanced, from a technological perspective, and it will pose a big threat to dated smartwatches that are currently on the market.

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Microsoft and GE Team up for major IoT Launch

Microsoft recently announced a partnership with GE which will bring the rapidly expanding Internet of Things to the industrial world. GE will also be moving its development platform, "Predix," to an app development platform using "Azure." This means companies using Microsoft's cloud experience will receive a tremendous benefit.

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GPU Chips are Revolutionizing the World of VR

GPU processing chips were originally designed for video game platforms. However, the processing power of GPU chips has been recently applied to virtual reality components. The recent push for virtual reality technologies has put pressure on GPU companies to come out with better, faster, and more efficient technology. Consequently, this will in turn promote improvements in the area of virtual reality technology as well.

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