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Technology is always evolving and new products and players can appear at any time. This month we look at some new products, one of them from an unlikely manufacturer. We also discuss how the increasing demand for technology is causing a shortage in supply.

A New Mouse that Looks Great and is Better for Your Wrist


Can you picture a computer mouse that feels like a handshake and allows you hours of use without overworking your wrist? Logitech's MX Vertical is exactly that! A study showed that users experienced 10% less muscular activity using this ergonomic mouse compared to regular mice.

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Another Player has Entered the Electric Car Game...and they're Taking Aim at Tesla

Kalahsnikov, a Russian arms manufacturer, has thrown their hat into the ring and unveiled a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles. Among the hybrids are cars, buggies and motorcycles. On the electric side they have the CV-1, and according to the manufacturers, this car is going to rival Tesla.

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The Shortage of Electronic Components - Is there a Solution?


Shortages of electronic components are a common occurrence in the automotive, industrial and consumer segments of the economy. The evolution of the automotive industry has been contributing more to this shortage. The increased number of electric vehicles (particularly in the UK) has led to higher demand for these important components.

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Custom Magnetics

Allied Components International has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of custom magnetics. Our capabilities cover a broad range of technologies suitable for almost every application.
With cost efficiency and design optimization in mind, our engineering teams are able to design products based on specific design requirements.
We are also able to perform reverse engineering on products where documentation may not be available.
Fast turnaround on samples
Provide your own specifications
We can cross most custom designs

Contact us for pricing and delivery, our design team is waiting for your next custom design needs.