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This month focuses on the products that major players in the tech industry are investing in and how successful they are. The cost of research and development for technology may not always be as profitable as expected. Is it simply a bump in the road or is it a hopeless endeavor? See for yourself whether you think the hardware being developed is worth the time and effort.

Featured Product

Allied Components offers a variety of surface mount High Current Ferrite Beads / EMI suppression components. The nickel barrier termination is excellent for resistance to solder heat and with the high current capacity they are good for a wide range of applications. They are built using multilayer technology and have low DC resistances. The wide range of values can help you select the perfect part for your design.

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Intel Releases New SSDs to Support Database Demands

With hundreds of exabytes of information available, Intel is combatting this data storage problem by releasing a new solid -state drives to support more data storage. The Optane series provides solutions for cloud computing and cost effective memory for AI and machine learning systems.

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Analyzing Google's TPU Performance

Google's Tensor Processing Unit, released in 2015, has been recognized for its quick, high precision arithmetic and ability to develop inferences. A thorough report of the hardware shows that it performs 14 to 16 times better than an average GPU.

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Twisting Semiconductors for Holograms

Scientists from the University of Michigan are imitating protein nanostructures to create twisted semiconductors in the hopes of creating holograms. The spiral shapes would hypothetically act as guides for light waves to make three dimensional projections.

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Amazon Shares Technology Behind Alexa

By combining reference hardware with development software, Amazon debuted Alexa, its first digital assistant. Despite its poor performance in the market, Amazon has improved the device's voice recognition and microphone hardware and plans to pursue the project.

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