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Surface Mount Inductors and Toroids

Allied Components Offers Power Chip Inductors and Toroids 
Power Chip Inductor Series
PCSDR124 & PCSDR125 & PCSDR127 Series
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • High saturation  current
  • Expanded operating temp range
  • Low DC Resistance
  • High Energy Storage
  • Low Energy Loss
  • Suitable for pick and place


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October 2009
Allied Components International has added new standard toroids to its product line. Check out the following new part numbers if you're looking for a quality, low cost toroid as an alternative to Bourns and others. We also offer many custom types that can be built to your specifications.

Contact Us now to discuss your custom needs.
Toroidal Chokes
  • Toroidal ChokesTC210 - Toroidal Choke crosses to Bourns 2100
  • TC210HT - Toroidal Choke High Temp crosses to Bourns 2100HT
  • TC220LL - Toroidal Choke Low Loss crosses to Bourns 2200LL
  • TC230 - Toroidal Choke crosses to Bourns 2300
  • TC230HT - Toroidal Choke High Temp crosses to Bourns 2300HT
Our Custom Toroid Designs
Free Samples Available
We provide free samples upon request.  Please complete our contact form and specify the sample you would like to see in the comments section.
Allied Components International