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New SMD Common Mode Chokes

Allied Components Offers Custom Magnetics, Toroids & Transformers
Surface Mount Common Mode Chokes
SCM10 & SCM20 & SCMHC10 Series
Surface Mount Common Mode Chokes
  • Miniature SMD common mode filter
  • Excellent noise attenuation in a small package
  • Suitable for automated assembly
  • SCM series offers wide impedance range


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September 2009
Did you know that Allied Components International manufactures custom magnetics designed to your specifications? We can convert your hand drawn schematic design, or another supplier's specification data sheet, into a sample for test and approval.

Contact Us now to discuss your custom needs.
Custom Magnetics, Toroids & Transformers/strong>
Common Mode Chokes
Horizontal Mount
Common Mode Chokes
Horizontal Mount
Switch Mode/Flyback
Switch Mode Flyback
Pulse Transformers
High Voltage/Inverters
Pulse Transformer
High Voltage Inverters
Free Samples Available
We provide free samples upon request.  Please complete our contact form and specify the sample you would like to see in the comments section.
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