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Allied Components PoE & PoE Plus LAN Magnetics

Allied Components Surface Mount Quality Magnetics


Surface Mount Chip Inductor


  • 1210 Molded Chip Inductor
  • Excellent Solder Heat Resistance
  • Tape & Reel for Auto Insertion
  • Welded Internal Lead Frame to Coil Wire Connection

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August 2012
Allied Components introduces a new line of 0603/0805 SMD Multilayer Ceramic Baluns and 0805 SMD Multilayer Low Pass Filters for ISM Band, WLAN and Bluetooth applications. 


Multilayer Ceramic Baluns



  • Low Temperature Cofired

  • Central Frequency 2.45 Ghz

  • Low Insertion Loss


Multilayer Ceramic Low Pass Filters



  • 0805 SMD Low Pass Filter

  • Central Frequency 2.45 Ghz

  • For WLAN, Bluetooth and other High Frequency applications

Free Samples Available


We provide free samples upon request.  Please complete our contact form and specify the sample you would like to see in the comments section.
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