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Allied Components Adds New RB2200R Series

Allied Components Continues to Add New Products

SQAC1515 Series



SMD Square Air

Coil Inductors 

SQAC1515 Series

  • Excellent for High Q applications
  • High SRF's for high frequency applications
  • Flat top cap for pick and place assembly
  • Extensive Inductance Range
  • Crosses to Coilcraft 1515SQ

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January 2015
Allied Components continues to grow with new component designs. They are widely used in PC card/Notebook applications, wireless cards, network exchanger, networking set-top boxes, routers, VOIP, terminal communications units, ethernet applications and test equipment. 


ARM6 Series Transformers


EW15 Series Transformer


PCEC Series SMD Power Inductors

Cross to Pulse PG0871
Cross to Pulse PG0926
Cross to Pulse PG0936
Free Samples Available
We provide free samples upon request.  Please complete our contact form and specify the sample you would like to see in the comments section.
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